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Bianca Bondi (Johannesburg, South Africa, 1986) lives and works in Paris. Multidisciplinary, her practice involves the activation or elevation of mundane objects through the use of chemical reactions, most often by salt water. The materials she works with are chosen for their potential for mutation or their intrinsic and symbolic properties. Her aim being to promote experiences beyond the visual and advocate the life of matter with an emphasis on interconnectivity, transience, and the cycles of life and death. Passionate about ecology and the occult sciences, Bianca Bondi combines the two resulting in pluridisciplinary works of a transformative nature through which the aura of objects is key. Often site specific, the poetic results are very much connected to the places in which they are to exist.

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Selected press

La magicienne de l’art qui envoûte la Fondation Louis Vuitton - Mathilde Cassan (Numéro, 2021)
Ayez du sel en vous même - Andréanne Béguin
Artist Bianca Bondi is Breaking Through - Pierre-Alexandre Mateos and Charles Teyssou (l'Officiel USA, 2020)
Nouveau Talent : Bianca Bondi, tellurisme et contemporanéité - Marie Maertens (Connaissance des arts, 2020)
Atelier A - Bianca Bondi
Bianca Bondi at VNH Gallery -  Guillaume Benoit,   (Slash, 2019)
‘Metamorphosis & Alchemy in the work of Bianca Bondi' - Emanuele Coccia, (FLASHART, 2019)
Featured article ‘Bianca Bondi by Francesca Gavin’ (CURA 31,2019)