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Bianca Bondi experiments with carefully chosen natural elements and examines what intrinsic properties, or “energy”, by diverse cultures they are said to possess, how this energy can be channeled and activated. Through her research on concepts of new age healing practices, animism and spiritualism, as well as OOO theory (Object oriented ontology), she explores the gap between our reality and this so-called invisible world. With a passion for ecology and occult sciences, Bianca Bondi investigates how the two translate and interact with contemporary life and how she can convey the essence of her research on a molecular level therefore resulting in pluridisciplinary works of a transformative nature through which the aura of objects is key.

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Selected press

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Nouveau Talent : Bianca Bondi, tellurisme et contemporanéité, Marie Maertens
Bianca Bondi at VNH Gallery by Guillaume Benoit for
‘Metamorphosis & Alchemy in the work of Bianca Bondi, Emanuele Coccia’ FLASHART #326, 2019
Featured article ‘Bianca Bondi by Francesca Gavin’ in CURA 31, Summer 2019
Conversation with Line Ajan for Figure Figure Number 12
Interview on Fy-Ca, April 2018
Review ‘A hairy affair at Art Cologne’ on, April 2018
Portrait ‘Noces Chymiques’ by Victor Mazières on LeChâ