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With a multidisciplinary approach that is often site-specific, Bianca Bondi’s practice being very much process based, is a blending of material experiment and method. Working with a non exhaustive list of ingredients such as copper, salt, latex, organic matter and various chemical solutions, the materials are chosen for their potential for transformation or their intrinsic properties; resulting in entirely strange and new surfaces. Her work process can be likened to ritual practice or a sort of instinctive alchemy in the promotion of mutation and ultimately in poetic dissolution -a conceptual performance of materials. She correlates these organic combinations to various current situations flirting with spiritual, psychological, and social subject matter while always honoring the intangible.

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selected press

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Interview on Fy-Ca, April 2018
Review ‘A hairy affair at Art Cologne’ on, April 2018
Art Press #453, exhibition review by Julie Crenn
Artist focus Artaissime #18, Janvier / Avril 2018
Interview ‘Baldi/ Bondi’ in ART AFRICA, March edition
Portrait ‘Noces Chymiques’ by Victor Mazières on LeChâ