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Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds, solo show
VNH Gallery, Paris, FR
Opening 3 July 2019
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l'Abbaye des deux lunes, group show cur. Leila Simon
Centre d'art Eau les Roches, FR
Opening 23 June 2019

IncarNations, group show cur. Kendell Geers
Opening 28 June 2019
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Have a Butcher's, trio show cur. Francesca Gavin
Ballon Rouge, BE
Opening 16 July 2019

15th Lyon Biennale , cur. Le Palais de Tokyo
Usines Fagor, Lyon, FR
Opening 18 Sep 2019


Alchemistry cur. by Claudia Paetzold
Ik Lab, Tulum, Mx
24 April - 24 September 2019
Trio show with Kelly Akashi and Rochelle Goldberg
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Some of us, an overview of the French scene, group show cur. Jérôme Cotinet-Alphaize, Marianne Derrien
Nord'art, Büdelsdorf, DE
1 June - 13 October 2019